Hey, its: Wednesday, June 7

What's Going On Today?

Orcas Today: Wednesday, June 7th

Ladies Intermediate Tennis
Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00-11:00am at Buck Park
Free, drop-in, ages 16 and older.

Hospice 101 with Hospice of the Northwest
June 7th from 9:00-11:00am, and 1:00pm (presentation)
Learn the basics of hospice care, eligibility requirements, how it’s paid for, how to get started, and the types of support it provides to patients and families.  In addition to the Hospice 101 presentation, an expert will be on hand at OSC to assist in filling out the advance care planning forms on Wednesday, June 7, 9-11am. All documents are provided free of charge.

Sewing Club with Kim Skarda
Wednesdays through July 19th from 3:30-5:00pm at the Orcas Library
Ages 8-12, enrollment is $40.

Adult Drop-In Volleyball
Wednesdays/Sundays from 7:30-9:30pm at Buck Park
Ages 16+, this event is free.

Get out and Hike

Cascade Creek Trail – Easy to Challenging

One of the best paths through the wooded southern section of Moran State Park runs along Cascade Creek, the stream that helps feed Cascade Falls. Traditionally starting at the South Campground of Cascade Lake, the Creek Trail winds through some of the oldest growth on Orcas and brings hikers past many man-made and natural landmarks including the south entrance bridge and the Lower Falls. Hikers can opt to enjoy themselves by the Falls, or continue the trail into the woods and meadows that hem the Creek up to the spillway at Mountain Lake. This trail features some switchbacks, but otherwise is quite easy to handle and a wonderful chance to see undisturbed natural growth and wildlife in the heart of Moran State Park.

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A Bite Of Orcas

Matthew’s Smokehouse and Deli – By Simon

A Brief Overview Southern cooking, at its essence, is comfort. Comfort for both body and soul, and a place for people to come together in an environment, created as much by the food as anything else, and share experiences. Fueled by salt and fat, southern cooking is not a tame cuisine and takes a skilled and sure hand to wield it well. A chef must walk the path of authentic southern cooking lest they move towards unflattering imitation, slathered in store-bought barbecue sauce, reliant on little more than sugar to mask the clear lack of flavor. It is unexpected then, at least to me, to find something so outlandish as a Southern-style smokehouse located here on Orcas Island, especially in the building that once housed what was perhaps “just another American-Italian semi-fine-dining restaurant”. While I came away from my meal somewhat conflicted, certain things were never in doubt. Clarity, however, eludes me when examining the intricacies of the ownership of the establishment. Despite this fact…

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