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Cascade Falls Trail – Easy

.25 mile. 130 feet elevation loss The perfectly and naturally framed Cascade Falls are some of Moran State Park’s most well-known and popular natural wonders. The trail to the falls begins just off Mount Constitution road, where parking is available and leads quickly to the Upper Falls. These smaller falls give a taste of what is to come and serve as the source for the gentle stream that flows along the trail down to the Lower Falls. Several promontories above the falls provide excellent photo opportunities and the spray comes all the way up to the trail during the rainy seasons. The trail ultimately winds down to a bridge over the stream, where primitive trails wind through the brush directly to the falls. The water is cold, but when the stream runs low visitors can walk out right under the falls. This sometimes steep but short trail is a wonderful chance for all ages to enjoy natural water wonders on Orcas Island.