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Hike the Rock

Mount Pickett Trail – Easy to Difficult

7 miles. 900 feet elevation gain and loss

The Mount Pickett Service Road and Trail runs through Moran State Park’s Natural Area Preserve which is one of the oldest undeveloped areas in the San Juan Islands. The parking at the …

Mount Constitution Loop – Difficult

6.7 miles. 1,490 feet elevation gain and loss

For a great exploratory trek across Mount Constitution’s steep eastern face try the Mount Constitution Loop trail. Park at Mountain Lake to commence a steep climb towards the crest of the mountain …

Little Summit Trail – Difficult

2.2 miles. 430 feet elevation gain/loss

Little Summit rests above Mountain Lake on the eastern side of Mount Constitution. The Little Summit Trail starts at one of the best picnic vistas in Moran State Park, with several tables for visitors …

Cold Springs Trail – Difficult

4.3 miles. 2058 feet elevation gain.

Cold Springs Trail connects the Cascade Lake Day Use Area with Mount Constitution Rd. and is the trail most often used for training by prospective mountaineers. The trail climbs up the west side of …

Cascade Lake Loop – Easy

2.7 miles. Slight elevation gain and loss

With panoramic views of Cascade Lake and the surrounding hills, this trail is the perfect introduction to the beauty and grandeur of Moran State Park. Parking is available at the Day Use Area, …

Cascade Falls Trail – Easy

.25 mile. 130 feet elevation loss

The perfectly and naturally framed Cascade Falls are some of Moran State Park’s most well-known and popular natural wonders. The trail to the falls begins just off Mount Constitution road, where parking is available …